Isoflux presented the attached presentation at the Society of Vacuum Coaters meeting in May 2014 on Open Drift Path magnetron sputtering.  This represents a completely new approach to sputtering which has the potential to revolutionize conventional concepts of sputtering efficiency.

Conventional magnetron sputtering cathodes use closed drift paths, which cause the familiar racetrack seen on sputtering targets and result in very low efficiency of sputtered materials.  To combat this, the industry has developed rotatable magnetrons which can enable high efficiency, but with much more complex and costly equipment.

The open drift path is a fresh approach, and can enable simple planar targets with the high efficiency of expensive rotatable cathodes.

Click on the link below to see the presentation from the 2014 Society of Vacuum Coaters.

SVC 2014 Open Drift Path Sputtering Presentation

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