When the surface really matters

ICM 10Isoflux, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Dr. David Glocker as a designer and manufacturer of a unique and proprietary type of sputtering cathode known as an inverted cylindrical magnetron.  This technology has many advantages including uniformity, the ability to coat complex three dimensional shapes and the ability to very efficiently coat with precious metals due to the unique properties of cylindrical magnetrons.

In 2003, Isoflux began to focus on developing novel coating solutions for the biomedical market.  This led to the development of a proprietary coating with an unique mixture of flexibility and radiopacity, our VisTa nanostructured tantalum coating.  

Since then, Isoflux has continued to build specific knowledge of a variety of coating materials to service not just the biomedical market (including neurovascular, cardiovascular and orthopedic products), but also a variety of industries with unique, affordable coating solutions.  We have increased our offerings from coating equipment design and sale, to custom coating development, to now offering contract coating and manufacturing services.