When the surface really matters

Shell reflected in gold mirror coatingOur proprietary sputtering process offers the ability to apply coatings for optical applications with extremely high uniformity.  In particular, leveraging our ability to perform off-axis sputtering from our inverted cylindrical magnetron, we can achieve many of the benefits of ion-assisted sputtering without a separate ion source.

Whether the need is for anti-reflective coatings; a high-reflectance, mirror coating (see image to the right); complex multi-layer optical filters, or any other specialty coatings, we can achieve high uniformity (see more data here) even without rotation and masking, resulting in a simpler and more efficient coating system.

Isoflux is working with the Kurt J. Lesker Company on the launch of a high performance optical coating system built around the Isoflux patented inverted cylindrical magnetron - the Viper Coating System.

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