When the surface really matters

The unique nanostructure of Isoflux's patented VisTa coating enables a number of applications for medical products.  In addition to providing enhanced radiopacity and unparalleled flexibility for devices like self-expanding stents, the nanostructure of VisTa (shown at the right) provides an ideal attachment surface to promote bone growth, as well as a narrow channel structure to enable drug loading to fight infection.

Enhanced bone attachment to surfaces coated with VisTa has been demonstrated in the presence of bacteria in a rat model, with the results provided below.  

Samples of both PEEK and titanium plugs were prepared in three different treatments - uncoated, coated with hydroxyapatite, and coated with Isoflux VisTa coating.  Samples were tested both with and without pre-soaking in antibiotics.  The samples were then inoculated with 105 colony forming units of Staph. epidermis and implanted into rat calvial defects.  After 4 weeks, the samples were tested for push out strength to determine the level of adhesion to the surrounding bone.

PEEK samples coated with VisTa showed a 2-3 fold increase in push out strength when compared with samples coated with hydroxyapatite.

The titanium coated implants showed a significant improvement over the uncoated control and a slight improvement over hydroxyapatite.

Regardless of the substrate, Isoflux's VisTa coating improved bone ingrowth to levels beyond those achievable by hydroxyapatite coating.  In addition, the efficacy of the surface could be further enhanced by loading drugs into the tiny channels of the nanostructured surface (shown in the SEM on the right), providing both enhanced bone ingrowth and anti-microbial properties.

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CLICK HERE to view the full presentation given by Dr. Glocker at the Society of Vacuum Coaters, April 2013.