When the surface really matters

At Isoflux leverages decades of experience in thin film coatings to provide a range of solutions for some of the most challenging surface modification applications.  Isoflux is a world leader in cylindrical magnetron sputtering technology, which can be employed to precisely apply precious metals and other materials for applications, including:

VisTa - Nanostructured Tantalum

Isoflux's proprietary VisTa coating consists of a unique nano-structured tantalum coating that offers unparalleled performance for some of the most difficult medical applications, including improved radiopacity and non-polymeric drug delivery.

Drug Delivery Coatings

The nanostructure of the tantalum VisTa coating provides a platform for non-polymeric drug delivery from surfaces with controlled release.

Wear Resistant Coatings

Isoflux has developed a range of coatings to improve the wear resistance of devices, ranging from machine parts to medical devices to scratch resistant coatings to retain optical clarity.