When the surface really matters

Isoflux is the world leader in inverted cylindrical magnetron (ICM) sputtering.  But why would you want a cylindrical magnetron?  Excellent question!


Ultimately it depends on your application, but there are a lot of reasons to consider an ICM:

You are coating a complex geometry. 

Sputtering is a line of sight process, so planar targets are good at coating flat objects.  Sputtering from the inside of a cylinder sputters material from all sides at once, so coating complex geometries uniformly is much easier.  Whether the device is a coronary stent, a machine tool, or even just a wire or cylinder - coating from all sides at once enables a high degree of uniformity without complex motion and masking.


You require a high degree of uniformity, for flat or complex parts.

If your geometry is complex, it's easy to see why an ICM