When the surface really matters


Isoflux's Hollow Cathode Magnetron Sources, also known as inverted magnetrons, use cylindrical targets to surround the substrate with coating materials.  Ideal to coat complex, three dimensional shapes, wires, fibers and many other substrates, the cylindrical magnetron design is considerably more efficient than planar magnetrons and offers extremely high deposition rates, excellent target utilization, less down-time and simple maintenance.

The cylindrical design allows entire three dimensional items to be coated at once without the need for rotation  The result is a more efficient and simple process.  Unlike planar magnetrons, the magnetic field in the cylindrical magnetron produces a uniform plasma and therefore leads to the more uniform use of materials.  The cylindrical magnetron utilizes approximately 75% of the target because most of the deposition material that is not deposited on the substrate is redeposited onto the target. 

This also means that the chamber does not need to be cleaned as often.  Thus, you'll spend less money on expensive target materials, fewer hours replacing targets and enjoy reduced machine downtime.

Best Fit Applicationsanimated inside icm.340102634 std

  • Coating three dimensional objects
  • Precious metal coating
  • Thin coating layers (angstroms to 10's of microns)
  • High value substrates that demand high coating yields
  • Dense, uniform, homogeneous coating layers
  • Tight tolerance applications that require precise mask lines
  • When unique, grown coating structures are required (i. e. microcolumns)

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