Isoflux Incorporated, a world leader in innovative coating solutions, announced today that the company is presenting two papers on new coating application technologies at the Society of Vacuum Coaters meeting in Chicago on May 4-8, 2014.  Both papers will be presented by Isoflux Founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. David Glocker.

“We’re very excited about the two presentations at SVC this year,” said John Lanzafame, Isoflux’ CEO.  “Dr. Glocker and our technical team have been very busy, and we’re going to present some novel coating techniques that could revolutionize segments of the $7 billion optical coating industry.”

The first paper presents data on a novel form of magnetron sputtering – open drift path (ODP) Sputtering.  ODP Sputtering has the potential to provide extremely high target utilization for large planar coating applications, such as architectural glass and touch screen displays.  ODP has an advantage over conventional methods to improve utilization by employing simple, reliable and cost-effective equipment.

The second paper presents data on optical coatings applied using the standard Isoflux cylindrical magnetron but in a different configuration – sputtering off-axis, or out of the end of the cylinder.  Operating the Isoflux unbalanced magnetron off axis acts as the combination of a sputter source and a low energy ion source to generate coatings with improved properties that typically require a much more complex and costly process. 

“Our focus is to find simple, cost-effective and elegant solutions for some of the big problems facing the coating industry,” said Lanzafame.  “If we see overly-complex solutions in the market, that’s a sign to us that there’s a better way to approach a problem.”

Following the presentations at SVC, Isoflux will be providing additional data on their website (

Isoflux is a world leader in cylindrical magnetron technology and has provided equipment and coating services for over 20 years to industries ranging from medical devices to superconductors to machine tools.

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