Isoflux Incorporated presented data at the 2014 Society of Vacuum Coaters on the use of Isoflux’ patented cylindrical sputtering cathodes for creating optical coatings, highlighting some of the unique capabilities for creating extremely uniform optical coatings with excellent optical properties.

Isoflux cylindrical cathodes can not only be used to coat complex geometries ‘in the cylinder’ but can also be operated off axis to coat planar substrates with very high uniformity.  The attached presentation, available for download at the link provided below, demonstrates the quality and uniformity of the coatings that can be achieved.

SVC 2014 Optical Coatings from a Cylindrical Magnetron Presentation

One of the impressive features of the Isoflux system is that extremely high uniformity (± 0.25 percent over 160mm) was achieved with any motion or masking.  Eliminating masking and motion simplifies the system design greatly, eliminates potential sources of particle contamination and results in a higher effective throughput since sputtered material isn’t being lost to the mask and the motion.

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