When the surface really matters

Tantalum Coating With Highly Oriented Crystalline Structure

This coating, which has a sharply faceted surface, includes features with an average size of approximately 150nm. (Image source: scanning electron microscope.)

Tantalum                      Side of VisTa

Tantalum Coating With A Less Highly Oriented Crystalline Structure

The features of this coating, which has a less faceted surface, have an average size of approximately 300nm. (Image source: atomic force microscope.)


Titanium Nitride Coating

This coating was designed to produce surface features with an average size of approximately 75 nm. (Image source: scanning electron microscope.)

Titanium Nitride Coating

Titanium Coating

The variegated surface features of this customized coating range in size from tens to hundreds of nm. (Image source: scanning electron microscope).