When the surface really matters

Isoflux is unique from many coating providers in that we design our unique production coating equipment ourselves.  We have taken proprietary Isoflux coating technology and designed it into a wide range of configurations for customers that require a truly custom piece of machinery.  Isoflux has experience designing reel-to-reel, batch and in-line systems for our customers who wish to bring a coating capability in-house.


Isoflux is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of inverted cylindrical magnetron sputtering cathodes. We offer several standard cathode designs and can also deliver customized designs.


Complete Systems

Isoflux can provide turnkey coating systems or work with your equipment manufacturer to integrate our cathodes into your system.

Achieve highly uniform coating of complex 3-dimensional shapes, wires and fibers with Isoflux's proven and proprietary line of standard and customized Cylindrical Magnetrons.  These Cylindrical Magnetrons are being used by many Fortune 500 Corporations, major Universities and Government entities.

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Major Design Features Include:

  • Very high target and material utilization
  • High deposition rates
  • Exceptional Uniformity
  • Single or Dual Target Design (and custom 3 or more designs)
  • Balanced, Unbalanced and Bar Magnet Orientation
  • DC, Pulsed DC, AC
  • Maintenance Free