When the surface really matters

Isoflux offers a number of different options to find the optimal solution to your surface challenge, help implement the solution by coating your product and help you get into production, either using our coating services to apply the coating or by selling you the equipment to add our process to your own manufaucturing line.  These services include the following:

Custom Development

Isoflux has the expertise and tools to develop a wide variety of coatings for specific applications. We interact with you as an extension of your R&D department to quickly achieve results that satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Coating Equipment

Isoflux is recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of inverted cylindrical magnetron sputtering cathodes. We offer several standard cathode designs and can also deliver customized designs to fit specific coating needs.

Coating Services

Isoflux provides coating services to save your company the time and cost of implementing an in-house manufacturing operation. Isoflux's production coating services are an ideal solution for lower manufacturing quantities and initial scale-up.