When the surface really matters

Isoflux is proud to introduce the VIPER(tm) optical coating system incorporating the Isoflux inverted cyclindrical magnetron.

Cutaway rendering of the VIPER high precision optical coating system showing the Isoflux cylindrical cathodeIsoflux is working with the Kurt J. Lesker Company to introduce the novel VIPER optical coating system.  This coating system has unparalleled flexibility for coating different substrate geometries and different coating recipes simultaneously, with no masking and no changeovers.

The heart of VIPER is the Isoflux inverted cylindrical magentron (ICM).  The ICM, employing Isoflux' patented unbalanced magnetic field geometry, enables optical coating with unmatched advantages:


  • Zero changeover time - Unique mask-less design enables transition from flat to convex to concave parts without breaking vacuum.
  • Dual cathode configuration - Sputter high and low index materials simultaneously.
  • Load lock - Fast loading and fast unloading means greater system throughput.
  • Multiple recipes can be run simultaneously to increase throughput.


  • Ion-enhanced coating quality without a separate ion source due to patented Isoflux cylindrical magnetron sputtering source.
  • Unparalleled uniformity on planar, convex, concave and complex surfaces.


  • Excellent process stability
  • No separate ion source, no masking, no complex changeovers means a simpler, lower cost and lower maintenance optical coating platform.

Contact Isoflux to learn more and ask about our sampling program.

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